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Military Surplus Material List

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ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 022 - Military surplus material, watches, cases, dials

022.76 $ 3.00Escape wheel complete, stock #F-36-7198084, for sale at $3.00 each. We have several to sell. (Quantity 8)
022.228 $ 2.00Adapter gasket for many military ww cases. These are rubber seals which fit in the large case tube area. The government numbers are F036-719118 and DA-36-038-ORD-16182, box of 18 pc., nos, p&i. (Quantity 11)
022.532 $ 8.00Military 48mm A-11 U.S. Army dial, feet at 2, 22 and 43.
022.583 $ 12.00Unsigned Military dial, 25.2mm outer diameter, some wear as shown, feet at 29, 26 and 46.
022.597 $ 7.00Wakmann Military part #FO36-7198165, escape wheel jewels, 5 pieces, new in sealed military surplus package, also DA-36-038-15920.
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Category 251 - Bulova Military Surplus

251.6 $ 3.00Bulova 10AK (and related) set bridges (yokes), 6 pieces, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
251.8 $ 2.00Bulova 10AK and related grades winding pinion (wheel, winding) part #BWC18, nos, p&i, military package with one piece. (Quantity 9)
251.9 $ 5.00Bulova 10AK escape wheels, 6 pieces, fit reated calibers also, Military package #7198186, nos, p&i. (Quantity 4)
251.10 $ 9.00Bulova 10AK and related grades winding pinion (wheel, winding) part #BWC18, nos, p&i, military package with six pieces. (Quantity 9)
251.16 $ 4.00Bulova 10AK sub second hands, luminous, part #65, for Bulova Ordinance watch, 1 pkg of 3 pc. each, nos, p&i. Note that these have a small amount of Radium. Please Do not order if that bothers you. Picture shows hands, other items shown are listed seperately. (Quantity 15)
251.18 $ 5.00Bulova 10AK third wheels, 3 pieces, fit reated calibers also, Military package #7198192, nos, need cleaning from sticky package. (Quantity 2)
251.22 $ 5.00Bulova 10AK balance endstone assembly (mounted cap jewels, 3 pc., new in Military package. (Quantity 2)
251.28 $ 39.00Parts lot for Military type wristwatch, etc. up to 50 parts in sealed bags with info for all. Assorted types mostly for the Bulova types and some Elgin
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Category 252 - Elgin Military Materials

252.10 $ 5.00Elgin 8/0s ordinance movement third wheels, regular sub second models, new in original package, sold by eachat $5. each. (Quantity 10)
252.11 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s minute wheels for military and some others, nos, 6 pieces, p&i with military #EL-1905-08-1. (Quantity 6)
252.12 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s grade 539 balance bridge hole jewel in setting, 3 pc., nos, p&i, military pkg, also fits grades 532, 554, 555 and 556 also. (Quantity 3)
252.14 $ 4.00Elgin 8/0s Navigation movement fourth wheel, for sweep second models without bit, nos, 1 pc., p&i, F036-7198085, #1865-08-2. (Quantity 8)
252.16 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s waterproof case pendant gaskets, 10 pieces, #719824, nos. (Quantity 5)
252.17 $ 2.00Elgin 8/0s barrel arbors, box of Six, Military packaged, p&i, #EL-101-08-1, nos. (Quantity 6)
252.19 $ 6.00Elgin 8/0s hole jewels in setting for upper 3rd and 4th wheel, 18 pc., nos, p&i, military pkg, fits some civilian models also. (Quantity 2)
252.21 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s lower fourth wheel jewels in setting, 3 pc., nos, p&i.
252.22 $ 24.00Elgin 8/0s third wheels, bottle of 75 pc. more or less, military kit refill 53, nos.
252.23 $ 6.00Elgin 8/0s barrel complete, assembled, includes barrel, cap, arbor and steel mainspring, nos, p&i with military numbers, EL-1080-08-1.
252.24 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s Balance stop lever springs for navigation 16 jewel hack models, grade 539, 3 pc. package, nos, p&i. (Quantity 4)
252.25 $ 8.00Elgin 8/0s Duro Power Mainspring for military and most civilian models from the 40s and 50s, Packedged, never used, and identefied with military nomenclature. sold by each. (Quantity 3)
252.26 $ 15.00Elgin 8/0s escape wheels, 5 pieces per box, fits most military and many civilian models, grade 539 and related, nos, p&i. (Quantity 7)
252.30 $ 3.00Elgin 8/0s military clicks, 5 pieces, new, for most 8/0s military wrist watch with bright nickel finish, also for some civilian models, new. (Quantity 3)
252.31 $ 5.00Crystal Gaskets for 8/0s WWII type ww cases, 18 pieces, packaged in Military packages with nomenclature and part numbers, new condition. (Quantity 4)
252.36 $ 5.00Elgin 16s setting springs, 3 pieces, for grade 387 and related Military and Civilian models, Elgin part number 1478, nos, p&i. (Quantity 4)
252.38 $ 5.00Elgin 8/0s military clicks, 5 pieces, new, for 8/0 size military wrist watch with blacked outl finish, new. (Quantity 5)
252.41 $ 3.00Pendant nuts #7198112 for Elgin 8/0s Keystone case which has the grade 580 and 554 movements, new Military sealed package with 3 nuts.
252.44 $ 5.00Elgin 8/0s clutch wheels, 2 pieces, #7198017, genuine in military package with all nomenclature. (Quantity 4)
252.63 $ 3.00Elgin 16s Military pocket watch crown wheel assembly, includes wheel, center and screw, nos. (Quantity 5)
252.66 $ 6.00Elgin 16s pallet fork and arbor complete, double roller type, fits grade 387 and others with same part number, p&i, military surplus numbers. (Quantity 10)
252.67 $ 4.00Elgin 16s Military pw crown wheel assembly, includes blacked out finished wheel, center and screw, nos. (Quantity 10)
252.68 $ 2.00Bow for Elgin Pocket Timer case, nickel color, nos. (Quantity 6)
252.69 $ 5.00Elgin 16s micro regulator nut and screw assembly, nos, 10 pc., fit Military and many civilian models.
252.70 $ 20.00FIVE Elgin 16s pallet forks and arbor complete, double roller type, fits grade 387 and others with same part number, p&i, military surplus numbers. (Quantity 2)
252.72 $ 5.00Elgin 16s fourth wheel and pinion, part #1030, fits grade 157, model 7 and grade 387 as well as several other grades, pinion on the seconds bit side of the wheel, nos. (Quantity 8)
252.76 $ 5.00Elgin 16s ordinance pw Timer winding assembly kits with arbor, bushing, winding pinion and clutch nub, 3 sets, nos. (Quantity 6)
252.77 $ 4.00Elgin 16s Timer winding arbors complete with winding arbor sleeve and widing pinion and clutch, nos, p&i, ord #7198945, timer grade 469. (Quantity 9)
252.82 $ 15.00Elgin 22s clock mainspring, Duro Power white alloy, I measured it at 2.90 x0.17 x about 29 inches long, brace (tongue) end, new, old stock with original holding ring and wrapper.
252.83 $ 2.00Elgin 16s Cam, #195, setting spring, fits grade 387 and other Military and Civilian grades, nos, p&i. (Quantity 6)
252.84 $ 3.00Elgin 16s Timer Zero Return Lever, 3 pc., new in Military Packages.
252.92 $ 5.00Elgin 8/0s grade 532 spring for balance stop lever, #7198078, 3 springs, new from old military surplus stock. (Quantity 11)
252.96 $ 8.00One balance hole jewel and one balance cap jewel for Elgin 22 size Tank clock, cock side when using staff #5954. hole jewel is 2.12 o.d x 0.46 thick. Cap jewel is 212 o.d and 0.75mm thick, new condition. (Quantity 2)
252.102 $ 6.00Genuine Elgin 16 size mainspring #5980, for timer, blue steel, new in genuine package. (Quantity 2)
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Category 253 - Hamilton Military Surplus Parts

253.3 $ 10.00Hamilton 16s grade 4992B/992B/950B clutch wheels, 3 pieces, new condition, part #35232/565860. For Military also. (Quantity 9)
253.23 $ 9.00Hamilton 6/0s parts lot for grade 987A and related, 5 pc. each of clutch levers #27602, Hour wheels #27209 and winding (crown) wheels with hub #27229 and #1607, nos. (Quantity 5)
253.24 $ 3.00Hamilton 6/0s setting wheels, 5 pieces, military #27246, fits grades 987A and related, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
253.25 $ 10.00Hamilton C.D. clock part #37535, C.D. Springs, 3 pc., nos, p&i. (Quantity 3)
253.26 $ 2.00Hamilton 6/0s clutch levers #7601, 3 pc., nos, for grade 987A. (Quantity 2)
253.41 $ 3.00Hamilton 16s click spring #565041, 1 pc., fits 950B and 992B, genuine, nos. (Quantity 2)
253.51 $ 4.00Hamilton 987A clutch levers #22602, 3 pc., new from military surplus stock. (Quantity 4)
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 254 - Waltham Military Surplus Parts

254.2 $ 3.00Waltham 6/0s-C balance dome endstones part #26252, pkg of 3 pieces, nos, p&i.
254.8 $ 5.00Waltham 6/0s escape wheel, Part #26254, fits 6/0-42 Military models 10609 with 9 jewels and 10617 with 17 jewels, 6/0-C, maybe others too, nos, p&i. (Quantity 8)
254.10 $ 5.00Waltham 6/0s barrel arbors, 18 pc., part #26035 for Military and some civilian models, nos, p&i. (Quantity 5)
254.14 $ 3.00Waltham 6/0s upper center wheel jewels, part #10617, for some military models, 3 piece package, nos, p&i. (Quantity 9)
254.16 $ 4.00Waltham 6/0s military ww pallet fork and arbor #26298A, fits some military and civilian ww, nos, p&i with military nomenclature. (Quantity 9)
254.49 $ 1.00Waltham 16s shipper bar #4783, one piece, nos. (Quantity 7)
254.57 $ 5.00Drilled center wheel #22247 for Waltham 22s model 22809-S-12 for a-11 8day aircraft clock, nos or xlnt used, one piece. (Quantity 3)
254.64 $ 4.00Waltham CDIA clock lever setting detent part #28552, nos, p&i, military package, 1 piece.
254.68 $ 10.00Mainspring barrel complete #22021 for Waltham 22s model 22809-S-12 for a-11 type 8 day aircraft clock, very good used condition, no idea of the mainspring condition, did not open them, includes, barrel, arbor, cap and mainspring. (Quantity 3)
254.73 $ 5.00Pendant sleeves for 37 size waltham, 3 pieces, new with very light rust spots.
254.79 $ 8.00Waltham 6/0s stems #26214, 3 pc., new, fits many models, 1942 model, 6/0s-B and 6/0s-C. sold by $6.00 each (Quantity 3)
254.80 $ 7.00Waltham 37 size tank clock 4th wheel complete, part #28880, new.
254.87 $ 14.00Waltham USA 8 Day military dial, 2 3/4 inch outer diameter, used.
254.97 $ 6.00Genuine mainspring for Waltham 16 size Timer #2246, blue steel, new in genuine Waltham package. (Quantity 5)
254.98 $ 8.00Waltham C.D.I.A. clock pallet arbors #4856, 5 arbors, new in Military Surplus package.