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We add New Items Almost every day, check all categories for new additions.

Please Be aware that we have 2 websites which are alike. This is for when one site has a problem, you can use the other site. dashto.com and dashto.org are the two. Just change the one that is not working to one of the other ones when this happens.

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Click Here to see a large amount of Wristwatch parts movements, gents and ladies, some in parts and some have more than one per container. Great for parts, practice, Art projects, etc. Contact us if you want to deal any quantity.

 We Are always adding items to the Website as well as the eBay Store. Don't forget to look!

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Welcome to our Home Page. Many changes are happening now and you are encouraged to check this site on a regular basis and visit both site maps. We supply a large variety of used and new Horological Items. Please read down the page.

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There are a great variety of items listed at this time, follow the detailed site map to your favorite categories!  Please remember to check this home page regularly for timely notices and announcements. Take some time to look through the site carefully for items you may want or need.

We have added an Alphabetized Index of Inventory to help you Search for your needs in the correct place. 

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Please Be aware that we have 3 websites which are alike. This is for when one site has a problem, you can use the other site. Dashto.com and dashto.org and dashtoinc.com are the three. Just change the one that is not working to the other one when this happens.

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Please note: Due to the volume of business we are doing and our travel schedule, it is impossible to answer some special requests and any phone calls. Email orders are filled as received when ordered with specific list item numbers. Only items on the website are available. I regret that I cannot respond to all special requests. Many questions can be answered on the websites of the groups listed below and those sites on my LINKS page.

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